This soccer program is designed to scout soccer talent from inner city neighborhoods and place the most talented athletes in local select club teams and academies in the city, free of cost. 

Athletes of low income families struggle to afford the high costs of joining a club soccer team, thus QCSS wants to bridge that gap in affordability by giving all athletes in the program free competitive soccer trainings through the use of street soccer, so they can be given a fair chance to try-out and earn a full playing scholarship with any of the local clubs we have partnered up with. Transportation and club uniforms will be provided for athletes that pass club try-outs at the financial expense of QCSS so that club directors can be reassured that our program can facilitate the transition of our inner city athletes into their competitive soccer environment.

QCSS wants to dedicate a great amount of focus in recruiting talent and bringing more diversity into club soccer, but we will also emphasize and ensure that players have fun in a safe environment, build confidence, follow rules, and build trust in others and so on.

We are very excited with the partnerships we have fostered over the last five years and are excited to see many more athletes become sponsored through our community program.

Join our movement!